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Latest Comments for 970-734

2015-07-07 02:12:35
A rather excited fellow called about a supposed recent survey I took online. He wanted to tell me about the job opportunities available. These people need to be shut down. I don\'t know what their game is but it\'s mallicious whatever it is.

2015-08-05 10:51:16
Promotion is what the caller id showed!!

2015-07-27 21:35:39
Protective,CTS calls me TWICE a day for past week. I have never answered and don\'t intend to. I put my name on the Do Not Call list a while back - apparently that doesn\'t work. The other day FREEBLOCKBUSTER called for the umpteenth time and I answered and told them not to call anymore and the guy said \"I\'m taking your name off our list right now.\" And I guess he did - haven\'t heard from them since.

2015-08-05 23:32:32
Called while I was at lunch - no message.

2015-07-08 17:51:27
If your in school, for the sake of your future, pay more attention and learn how to speak

2015-07-26 02:49:00
Stan, that could mean only ONE thing. Your phone company sold your phone number!

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