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Latest Comments for 973-353

July 17 10:51 pm
It's the "New York Mint", which is funny because they aren't in New York, they're in rural Minnesota and they aren't a mint, they only sell coins that are minted by others. The fact that their company name already contains two outright lies ought to give you a clue what kind of business they run. They will try to sell you overpriced gold coins. Should you make the mistake of actually doing business with them they will assign a salesperson to you to call you and try and sell you more and more and more. Just tell them to go away.

August 23 2:45 pm
Its from a text only apparently. When you call number it says its from an IPod, or IPhone. I believe its Linked somehow to a person named Julie Stapleton would you need her cell (which is an At&T account. Which I have. You said don't give personal info, her cell starts with a 315. My email is I'm happy to give more personal information

July 12 6:41 pm
I just got a call from this number and they told me I got a loan in October 2009 for $300 and wanted to know why I never paid them back.  I never got a loan from these people and my bank statement verifies it.  The scarey thing is that they had my SS#, address and other personal information.  I called my lawyer and am reporting them to BBB, but what else should I do?

August 20 4:35 am
I picked up after they rang and there was nothing but dead air.

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