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Privacy Policy

The privacy of all visiting individuals is crucial for us and so we always see to it the collected and used data are safety or secured. The implements this privacy policy to help us determine the information or data we gather from our visitors/users. Likewise, sharing personal data must adhere to the policy.

Individuals who visit and read information from our site must not disregard the conditions we impose from this policy guideline.

Gathering of Information

We usually gather the important information from our visitors/users such as the name, exact home address, valid email, citizenship, age, gender and more. On the other hand, we only gather the information from people who visit if they submit them personally. If we need to use these gathered information/data, we make sure that there is proper permission before using them to avoid conflict.

Gathered and Monitored Web Beacons or Cookies

We monitor and collect web cookies for compliance when using the Internet, which includes getting cookie consent from countries in the European Union before using the data. With this kind of approach, it ensures us proper tracking of individuals who view this site. Typically, we simply gather data about the browser and operating system of visitors/users who are viewing. By doing this, it is not difficult to check the number of visitors or users who view and use our website from the data we collect. When using these data, it is only for a purpose of developing the site with respect to the conditions.

Information or Data Sharing

When distributing the information/data, only share them to government agencies and companies with agreement to us in tracking down fraudulent transactions. In some cases, we allocate data to legitimate third parties, but it must adhere to the imposed law.

Modifying the Policy

We can modify the existing policy on our own judgment without informing our visitors/users.